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Designing & Construction Kitchens of Your Dreams


Lux Kitchen Redesigning

Do you have an outdated kitchen that needs refreshing or would like other interior renovations? A Luxury & Custom Homebuilding contractor in the San Francisco Bay area is here to help you. Everyone wants their home to look gorgeous, just like in fashion magazines. The luxurious design is closer than you may think. Our Luxury & Custom Homebuilding contractor creates luxury kitchen designs from scratch and thinks of every aspect from flooring and cabinetry to tiny details in design. With our help, you receive an ideal design in just one call. Our engineers take everything upon themselves: cabinetry, electronics, hardware, permissions, and everything else. Just relax and watch how your dream kitchen becomes real.

We keep track of all trends and tendencies in room renovation and work with skilled popular designers.

If you don’t have certain ideas, we will always find something to suggest. Qualified designers will meet your demands and transform your interior the best way.

We have suitable solutions for any case and any kind of space. There are different options available according to your budget and lifestyle. 

For example, you can choose between prefabricated and custom cabinetry, and also kitchen islands and peninsulas.

Also, we invent custom storage solutions to keep your items in the order. At your wish, we can include built-in furniture sets to organize inventory keeping.

Another part that needs attention is in-between details. It includes bathroom plumbing, getting permits, building 3D designs, planning ventilation hoods, and more issues. With a Luxury & Custom Homebuilding contractor, you can be sure of our top work performance.

Our talented designers will provide you with tailored solutions for your exclusive interior following your tastes, preferences, demands. Some gorgeous styles we work with are:

  • Lux Contemporary;
  • Luxurious Colonial;
  • Premium Coastal;
  • Elite Spanish;
  • Exclusive Boho, and many others.


Why Is Your Remodeling Called Luxurious?
Our luxurious renovations are about a very dedicated approach where each tiny detail is taken into account. You get absolutely completed exclusive designs where everything is custom, convenient, and of premium quality. Only 14% of all kitchens obtain costs that are a little bit higher than average. We provide clients with design projects that show gorgeous to them and suit their budget and comfort needs.
Do You Offer Only Luxury Priced Kitchens?
No. We make remodeling under clients’ budgets, and it shouldn’t always be high-end. Searching for a middle-ground solution is an important qualification, and we have it too.
Do You Have The Minimum Price?
Still, we have a minimum price tag for the entire kitchen remodel starting from 35k+, which is quite higher than a usual one. That is because we provide only turnkey projects.
Do You Offer Al la Carte Remodeling?
It is not our field of action, and we work with complete design projects. If you need to replace a kitchen island or a counter, please contact us for information. We will let you know about our current work volume and discuss the project personally.
Do You Provide Consultations?
Yes, we offer free consultations. You can fill out the form on the website and get a free quote soon. Our manager will contact you to discuss the details. Don’t hesitate to call us now or fill our online estimation form!
Where Do I Find Your Services?
Luxury & Custom Homebuilding contractor works on the whole San Francisco Bay Area, and physically we are located in San Jose. Call us now to bring your ideal home to reality!