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Renovations from A to Z: Project & Budget Planning, 3D Design, Building

Lux Home Additions

Elite Room Remodeling Sun Room and Other Additions


Elite Room Additions

Exclusive Room Remodeling

Exclusive room remodeling is about structural changes and planning & building of additions for luxurious residential and commercial premises. Our Luxury & Custom Homebuilding company provides planning, blueprinting, budgeting, 3D designing, remodeling, and renovation services. The addition of the room will not only increase the area of ​​the house but also its value. The main thing is to do everything according to building codes, norms, and standards. The construction of the extension is one of the most popular services provided by our specialists. We know everything about outbuildings and are ready to add any room on the agreed terms.

We work according to the following scheme:

  1. Meeting with the project manager who is engaged in the renovation of luxury houses.
  2. Arranging a meeting with a licensed architect who will propose an updated floor plan.
  3. Approval of the design project, site designs and blueprints, and their coordination with the city administration.
  4. Obtaining permits for building and remodeling works from the authorities.
  5. Preparatory works & Building. We provide a full range of services and accompany the project from the very beginning to the moment of commissioning.


What Is Luxury Room Addition?
A luxurious room differs from a standard extension not only in cost. Elite additions usually have everything you need. And all these are of premium quality. No more than 15% of all attached premises are considered elite. But, as a rule, such compartments are equipped with the latest technology and not only. Our main goal is to create a room that meets your highest expectations within the approved budget.
Does Lux Room Remodeling Always Mean High Pricing?
Our specialists can create additional premises that will meet your needs and desires. We always discuss the project with the customer, agree on the budget, and only after that start work. Therefore, the answer to this question is “YES”.
Is There a Minimum Budget You Are Working with?
No, because the final budget depends on many factors. The only thing that needs to be taken into account is that our specialists do not provide partial services, but perform a full range of work. Therefore, we preliminarily negotiate a budget with the customer or draw it up together.
Can I Get a FREE Consultation and a Quote?
We provide consultations for all our remodeling and renovation services. You can fill out the online form to get the project estimate ( an absolutely free quote) or contact our managers and discuss the order by phone, asking all questions.
Where Do You Provide Your Renovation Services?
Luxury & Custom Homebuilding company is located in Downtown San Jose, CA. We provide services in the San Francisco Bay Area.